At the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County, we seek to guarantee a Jewish tomorrow through the creation of a culture of legacy within the Orange County Jewish community and by empowering individuals to engage in effective, meaningful giving. By planning for the continuation of philanthropy into the future with permanent endowments combined with current giving, we seek to ensure financial resources for the continued vitality of institutions that promote Jewish identity, support a high quality of Jewish life, and benefit the people of Orange County and Jewish communities around the world.

Jewish values guide our mission and service to our donors and partner organizations:

TZEDAKAH (justice)

Ethical responsibilities, sacred work, tikkun olam


DERECH ERETZ (way of the land)

Transparency, accountability, excellent governance


DOR L’DOR (generation to generation)

Passing on values, strengthening future generations, the importance of elders and youth


KAVOD (respect)

Listening, responsiveness, acts of loving-kindness, being inclusive, integrity, truthfulness


TORAH (learning)

Love of Judaic wisdom and teachings

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