The Endowment Book of Life is an ever-growing collection of signatures and histories, of both individuals and families, from more than 40 Jewish communities throughout North America.   Here in Orange County, the Endowment Book of Life is a symbol of our united commitment to creating a culture of legacy in Jewish Orange County.


Carol Adams

Karen Post Albert

Steve Alexson

Gene and Sandy Alterman

Hal and Melanie Altman

Rochelle Ambersound

Wendy and Lance Arenson and Family

Dr. Robert A. and Randy Sue Baird

Jeanette (Bunny) Barron

Brad and Tina Barth

Sheila Bass

Ken and Dede Beard

Sharon and Mark Berman

Gideon and Jeanne Pepper Bernstein

Beaue Bernstein

Richard and Leah Bernstein

Mark Bialy

Ron Brand and Dr. Lauren Gavshon Brand

Cher Bransky

Jane Brenner

Matthew and Sarah Brenner

Yana Bridle

Martin and Tamar Brower

Richard and Sarah Bruck

Aleta Bryant

Irving and Eleanore Burg (z”l)

Sandy Bursten

Gail Carp

Nancy and Irving Chase

Sharon (z”l) and Steve Chase

Henry and Eileen Cohen

Clifford and Sara Cornell

Helene and Robert Coulter

Avi and Shiffy Crane

Jeffrey and Mardelle Davis

Amy and Bill De Leon

Marc and Linda Ecker

Shirley (z”l) and Lew Einbund

Shalom and Robin Elcott

Frank Ellis

Beth and Andy Elster

Rabbi Moishe Engel

Stephanie and Scott Epstein

Allan (z”l) and Sandy Fainbarg

Steven Fainbarg

Jon and Peggy Feder

Michael and Hung Fan Feldman

Arnold and Ruth Feuerstein (z”l)

Roberta Feuerstein

Marian Fink

Steve Fink

Julie and David Fishman

Dr. Gordon and Hannareta Fishman

Chelle Friedman (z”l)

Aviva and Fred Forster

Rebecca and Mike Gillman

Susan Glass

Mitch and Janice Goldberg

Michael Goldfader

Marc and Alyssa Goldin

Lisa Greenberg

Jeff and Keary Gregg Greer

Charles and Sheri Gropper

Sherry Haber

Marilynn Handelman

Miriam (Mimi) Harris

Katerina Hencova

Edward and Deborah Heyman

Mindy Jacobs

Cindy and Fred Jacobson

Marvin Kaplan

Carl and Marla Katz

Arie Katz

Marla and Joe Kaufman

Jonathan Kaufman

Stephen Kaufman

Joan Kaye

Lauren Klein

Sandy and Robert Klein

Hal and Rose Kravitz

Jo Ann Krupp

Ralph and Linda Labelson

David Lang

Mollie Lazarus

Anita Leibowitz

John-Aaron Lenhert

David and Rabbi Leah Lewis

Beverley Lieberman

Beverley and Warren Lieberman

Melvin and Jacquee Lipson

Basil Luck

Mary Ann Malkoff

Mel Malkoff

Shelly and David Malmon

Richard and Andi Mandel

Nancy Marcus

Debbie and Jeff Margolis

Rick and Adrienne Matros

Toni and Terry McDonald

Dawn McLaren

Morris & Diane Meadow

Kathleen Mellon

Barbara Meyers

Arlene Miller

Cindy Mirsky

Marla and Scott Nathan

Janice Newfield

Larry Newfield

Linda Rattner Nunn

Amy and Joel Packer

Lynn and Sy Pearlman

Heather and Brian Pepper

Bonni Pomush and Patti Holliday

Arnold and Nancy Raymon

Gail and Sorel Reisman

Lori and Michael Reznick

Marc Richmond, M.D.

Jada Robitaille

Norton Robitaille

Jason, Jamie, Jessica, Justin Rosiak

Gil and Cindy O’Neill Ross

Ruth Roth

Michael Rubin

Sari Schreiber

Henry Schrimmer

Meryl and Hank Schrimmer

Linda and Jeff Schulein

Harriet and Bob Schwartz

Lori Schwartz

Janice and Harris Shultz

Susan Seely

Scott and Leslie Seigel

Jahanna Semelroth

Melanie and Bill Shane

Miki Sholkoff

Seth and Yasuko Siegel

Blossom Siegel

Beth Slavin

Polly Sloan

Rabbi Marcia Tilchen and Scott Spitzer

Wendy and David Stark

Sue and Ralph Stern

Linda and Jean Stern

Rosemary and Howard Stevens

Michael and Charlotte Stone

Linda and David Stoll

Scott Sussman

Mark and Dana Susson

Dalia and Noah Taft

Evelyn Tysch

Diana and Hugo Velazquez

Roslyn (Roz) and Elliot Vogelfanger

Carole and Michael Wade

Terry Walowitz

Bert and Sharon (z”l) Weidberg

David and Eva Weinberg

Ellie Weinstein

James and Ellen Weiss

Lois Weiss

Norman and Adrienne Witkin

Sam and Susan Wyman

Robin Yonis

Bunny and Sol (z”l) Zechter

Susan Zechter

Lowell (z”l) and Ina Zeleznick

Charlene and Kenneth Zuckerman

Rabbi Gersh Zylberman

*list as of October 2019

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