“We want to ensure that values are transmitted to our future generations with the anticipation that they will continue to give.”

– Jon and Peggy Feder

In 2011, the leaders of the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County wanted to find a new way to encourage people in Orange County to create legacy plans to support not only their own families but also their community.

The concept evolved from the question: What if you had one more child to nurture and protect – and that child was your community? How would you ensure the future of that child’s needs in a way that supports your own values and vision for the future?

The result was the donor-centered Endowment Book of Life, an innovative process that begins with a promise and culminates with a legacy plan. This process focuses on the donor’s wishes and dreams and simplifies the steps to creating a very personal legacy.

Since its inception in Tucson in 1991, more than 41 communities in North America have adopted the Endowment Book of Life. Thousands of individuals and families have signed the Book, promising to make a legacy plan to support the future of our Jewish community. Some of these endowments are already funded and millions of dollars are flowing into communities around the world.

Here in Orange County, we are proud to be a part of the Endowment Book of Life. Working together with communities from Montreal to Jacksonville, Kansas City to San Diego, Dallas to Winnipeg –these combined legacies will ultimately generate billions of dollars to support Jewish communities worldwide. Our Endowment Book of Life is a symbol of community unity for the purpose of creating a vibrant Jewish tomorrow.

The Endowment Book of Life Celebration and Signing Event takes place in Orange County each year to honor our LIFE & LEGACY donors and to celebrate the success of our Create a Jewish Legacy Partner organizations. Join us! Contact us at wendy@jcfoc.org or 949 435-3490 to learn more about the Endowment Book of Life and to create your Jewish legacy.
What will your legacy be?

Click here to see the list of Endowment Book of Life Signers from our community.

Watch our video to hear our community members share their inspiring stories about signing the Endowment Book of Life.

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