Established by the donor(s) to permanently preserve the corpus of the fund.

Minimum $10,000 (no minimum for a bequest or for contributions to organizational funds)

  • Established by the donor(s) to permanently preserve the corpus of the fund
  • Donor states the purpose and names the beneficiary charitable organization(s)
  • Distributions are made from available earnings based on the spending rate
  • Can be funded during the donor’s lifetime, or through a bequest, life insurance policy or Individual Retirement Account (IRA).
  • May be permanently named in honor of the Donor or in a loved one’s honor

Our Jewish Community Foundation provides several types of Endowment Funds to achieve your dreams for the future. Each of these Endowments may be funded during your lifetime or through your estate. Some donors choose to fund some of their Endowment now so they can enjoy watching the results of their giving throughout their lifetime, and then fully fund the rest of the Endowment through their will or trust.

At our Foundation, how and when you fund your own personal Endowment is entirely up to you. We are here to support your vision of the future.

With these specially-designated funds, you can choose exactly which charitable organization(s) or synagogue(s) will receive the annual earnings, and you can even designate a particular program within your favorite organization to benefit every year from your Endowment.

If you wish to permanently support a cause or particular area of interest but would like the involvement of your family or the Foundation’s expertise in deciding which specific charitable organization will best fulfill your vision, we are here to help. You may designate annual disbursements go to an area of interest instead of listing specific organizations, and you can choose to allow your children or grandchildren to designate beneficiary organizations. For example, one Donor’s passion was Jewish childhood education, but the Donor was unsure which organizations or preschool would provide the best quality Jewish holiday and celebration experiences for children in the coming decades. To ensure her annual grants were provided to an organization that would support her ideas of Jewish education, the Donor designated that her daughter would make a decision on an annual basis determining where the funds could best be utilized every year.
Another Donor asked that the Foundation’s Grants Committee determine where her annual funds could best be used, so long as they supported Jewish Special Education. Our Foundation provides all the paperwork and support for your Endowment Fund at no extra fee, and we are here to assist you and your family to identify local and global charitable organizations that work to fulfill your dreams of the future.

This is a special Endowment Fund whose annual earnings are designated to the annual campaign of the Jewish Federation and Family Services Orange County. By setting up a PACE Fund, you may ensure that your annual campaign donation to the Federation will be honored into perpetuity.

You may also choose to allocate your annual grants to our Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund. Some Donors wish their annual earnings to be utilized for the potential, unforeseen needs of the Jewish Community as a whole or for the Foundation itself. Annual earnings placed in this Fund may be utilized for any purpose as determined by the Board of Directors.

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