Established by the donor(s) to make donations to charitable organizations.

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Non-endowed – Minimum $1,000

  • Established by the donor(s) to make donations to charitable organizations
  • Donor recommends distributions to any charitable organization, including Jewish or secular agencies, synagogues, or for the benefit of Israel
  • Can be utilized by individuals, families or for children to allow entry into the world of charitable giving
  • Donor can control the timing of their income tax deductions, taking the deduction immediately but retaining the ability to grant distributions from the fund at any time in the future.
  • Donor can make additional contributions in subsequent years.
  • Donor can avoid capital gains tax when appreciated stock is gifted to our Foundation for the benefit of the donor’s chosen charitable organization(s).
  • Access to funds and grant-making is available 24 hours per day through our Donor Online Access.

We offer a variety of ways for our Donors to give through a Donor Advised Fund:

A simple way to give to the charitable organizations you support regularly or on a single occasion. Once the fund is set up, you make grant requests starting with a minimum of $100 to any synagogue or charitable institution of your choice. The Foundation takes care of the paperwork and provides you with a quarterly report of your giving. Tax deductions for the full amount of the fund can be taken immediately, but grants can be made in future months or years.

It’s the gift that teaches giving and empowers our younger generation to experience tzedakah with a meaningful and hands-on opportunity to repair the world. Guided by our Foundation’s experienced staff and resources as desired, these Funds enable our future leaders to make informed decisions and to enjoy seeing the immediate results of their giving.

Celebrate any special occasion by creating a fund to allow a young couple or any recipient to give back to their local or larger community. These funds provide a tangible and life-changing gift to honor a special event, and permit the new fund donors to support their favorite local charitable organizations, pay synagogue dues or fund any area of special interest.

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