More than 50 lay leaders volunteer their time and effort on an ongoing basis to the Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County. We have a number of Committees to ensure the Foundation effectively functions to achieve its goal of efficient and meaningful philanthropy.

Executive Committee

Gideon Bernstein, Chairman of the Board
Ron Brand
Steven Fainbarg
Jon Feder
David Fishman
Carl Katz
Ed Levin
Michael Stoll
Pat Szekel
John Wolfson
Sam Wyman

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors the Foundation’s annual operating budget, reports financial statements to the Board and recommends fund growth and objectives for the Foundation. This committee further evaluates gifts of real estate.

John Wolfson, Chair
Steven Fainbarg
Gordon Fishman
Marc Goldin
Gali Horev
Ed Miller
Ron Morrison
Mitch Moss
Debbie Pailet
Simon R. Pearlman

Grants Committee & Task Force

The Grants Committee & Task Force oversee grant distributions of investment earnings from endowment funds received by the Foundation. They monitor and track grants to ensure funds are utilized as intended by the Donors, and ensure the Donor’s wishes are followed.

Dalia Taft, Chair
Jeanne Pepper Bernstein
Ron Brand
Nancy Chase
Peggy Feder
Roberta Feuerstein
Leslie Furman
Susan Glass
Richard Gollis
Cheri Kessner
Ed Miller
Talya Nevo-Hacohen
Debbie Pailet
Amy Stoll
Edie Tonkon

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee oversees and reports the investment of all funds. The committee additionally recommends investment policies for Foundation assets and recommends investment advisors.

Ed Levin, Chair
Dr. Robert Baird
David Fishman
Michael Goldfader
Marc Goldin
Carl Groner
Lauren Klein
Daniel Koblin
Michael Marzouk
Shawn Miller
Simon R. Pearlman
Jerome Schneider

PR/Marketing Committee

The PR/Marketing Committee reviews and recommends marketing strategies for the benefit of the Foundation and ensures our vision is expressed in publications and on our website.

Carl Katz, Chair
Gordon Fishman
Simon R. Pearlman
Linda Schulein
Ralph Stern

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee recommends human resources policies and procedures as well as appropriate competitive benefits for health care insurance and retirement for Foundation staff in addition to conducting employee reviews.

Ron Brand, Chair
Gideon Bernstein
Jon Feder
Peggy Feder
Ed Levin

Audit Committee

The audit committee’s role includes the oversight of financial reporting, the monitoring of accounting policies, the oversight of any external auditors, regulatory compliance, and the discussion of risk management policies with management.

Pat Szekel, Chair
Hal Hurwitz
David Wyle

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee’s role is to nominate qualified candidates for the board and board officer positions.

Michael Stoll, Chair
Steven Fainbarg
Richard Gollis
Sam Wyman

Community Relations

Steven Fainbarg, Chair
The Community Relations Chair promotes the Foundation as a leader in the community and develops strategies for implementing community outreach to increase the visibility of the Foundation.

Deferred Gifts

Jon Feder, Chair
The Deferred Gifts Chair advises the Foundation on agreements and decision-making relating to the creation and establishment of planned gifts.

Philanthropic Fund Development

Sam Wyman, Chair
The Philanthropic Fund Development Chair identifies prospects and encourages the use of Philanthropic Funds within the Foundation.


David B. Fishman, Chair
The Planning Chair leads the discussion on strategic planning and special projects for the Foundation.

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